for pro-4 counseling(to Tess)

I'm Sri-Lankan worker, but my friend was transferred to Cheongju Detention Center because he is undocumented worker. He wants to apply Lump-sum Refund of National Pension before departing Korea, but Detention Center officer don't support to apply Lump-sum Refund because he can apply that after departing Korea. If my friend is back to Sri-Lanka, how can he apply Lump-sum Refund?

I'm sorry for Detention Center officers not to change their attitude for civil appeal, even though they must support civil appeal of migrant workers. It's possible to apply before departing Korea, also after. Some country people can apply in Korea embassy, if it's impossible, your friend can apply to National Pension Corporation directly by post.

<Application for the Lump-sum Refund(Applying overseas)>

▶Required documents
: ①Application form(notarized from a notary agency of the country in which you reside and attested to by the Korean Consulate or Embassy), ②A copy of your passport, ③A copy of your bankbook

▶Contact Place : Regional offices of the National Pension Service(⇒Reginonal Offices)