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Now, the basic human rights of migrants are violated severly.

On the 17th of the last month was the 4th anniversary for the EPS. On that day, The Coalition Act for Migration had a gathering with migrant workers for protesting the 4 years of EPS and barbarious control and deportation and protecting the labor rights of migrant workers. The Coalition Act for Migration consists of 35 NGOs across the nation. For the while they had the '4 year EPS' press conference in front of the Main governmental office in Gwangwhamoon where they pronounced that the government deported about 25000 people a year but the number of the unregistered workers wasn't decreased and even the migrant workers from EPS are undergoing the harsh working conditions deprived of the basic labor rights. Under the Mr. Lee's Administration, the policy for the migrant workers was more hardened with control and monitor. And the unregistered migrant workers are having a hard time due to the merciless control and deportation.

Government, undiscriminated forceful united control and deportation policy

 After the President Lee said "We must not let the illegal migrant workers walk on the street freely", the Government is in a high pitch for sweeping the unregistered migrant workers. 600 migrants in Seoul, 250 in Pusan and so on, they set a quota every month. Controlling 8 month pregnant woman and mother or father of newly born child, being aborted due to the control threat, a leg broken or back injured in a try to avoid the control. Those are happening a lot. Like this, because of the indiscriminate forceful control, the life of the unregistered is becoming ruined.

The labor ministry, abolished the regulations for civil appeals of migrant workers.

 Nowadays, when unregistered migrant workers come to Labor ministry for the problems with wage or retirement allowance, they are often encouraged to go back home. Labor Monitors force them to appear themselves and they give up appearing at the local labor ministry because of the possibility of the control.
 The labor ministry abolished the regulations "we serve them first and then notify them, even though they are unregistered migrants". This was for saving them, even unregistered workers from unfair working conditions or treatments. This abolishment means that when an unregistered worker visit the labor ministry, he will get reported first before his appeal get solved.
 Hereafter, unregistered workers wouldn't be able to go to labor ministry even when they didn't get paid or treated unfairly. The labor ministry can't help getting criticized of giving up their basic responsibility to protect the labor rights because of this regulations which put ahead immigration laws before the labor laws.

Law Ministry, A Mal-reformation of immigration laws.

 Law Ministry planned to suggest a bill of reforming the immigration law in the september to the periodic Assembly, on which it is possible to question a migrant worker who is suspected as an unregistered migrant and to control by searching workplace and dormitory without warranty or permission from a company owner. Until now, the Law Ministry have searched workplaces and houses in an illegal way. With those, they have gotten criticized for violating human rights during the control. And they just put an item to the bill by which they can evade the criticism. This is a mal-reformation bill on which it is so evident that it ignores the human rights of the migrant workers including the unregistered. Koreans are not questioned in the name of the human rights protection but it is possible to migrant workers according to the bill. It is so worrisome if the bill passes. The control for the unregistered becomes severe during which the human rights of migrant workers will be more cruelly violated.

Media, exaggerating the report of the crimes done by unregistered

 Near the aggregation by the Migration United Act on the 17th of August, there was a 'Request for the strong control and deport of the unregistered' demonstration by the Movement Association for banishing the unregistered. They asserted that they were asking the banishment of the unregistered who caused many social problems such as rape, murder and other crimes. It is getting prevailing in Korea that the unregistered don't deserve the protection of human rights because of the reason above. This is usually due to the reports done by the major medias. If the idea becomes the main stream, there will be a big problem with the communication among the ethnic groups and the discrimination to the unregistered and migrants will be more bigger. <AWN>