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Pakistan Embassy officials visit Local Areas

Pakistan embassy officials in South Korea have begun visiting local areas where Pakistan migrants work. Next month, they plan to go around Daegu and Busan. They are letting the workers renew their passports and they will deal with other official things. While in Daegu, they are going to visit 'Daegu Islamic Centre (Tel, 053-523-2171) on August 2nd (Saturday), from 11am to 16pm. In Busan, they are going to visit "Association for Foreign Workers' Human rights(051-802-3438)" in Busan on August 3rd (Sunday), from 10am to 14pm.

[Busan] Migrants' outcry and their passionate view

This year's Asian Culture Festival in Busan will exhibit pictures taken by migrant workers. The theme is free. Association for Foreign Workers' Human rights(FWR, 051-802-3438) accept all taken by film, digital and camera phone. If you want join that, you need to turn in the application and the original picture by 17 August to the FWR office. You can express your daily life, dream, friends with your own camera.