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Non-selective and inhuman Crack-down Continues 

The government's forced crack-down toward undocumented workers continues strongly.  This nation-wide crack-down causes lots of cases of violations of human rights and the labor rights. Undocumented workers broke their legs and backbones while they escaped from the crack-downs. The immigration officers are cracking down on even the parents with children and pregnant women. Immigration officers in Masok, Kyunggi prefecture broke into the house where a 8-month pregnant Filipino lives and cracked down on her. This pregnant woman is held in custody now and shows weak physical conditions. There are a lot more cases in this inhuman crack-down of immigration office.

<Case 1> 
There was a Bangladeshi worker who fell to the ground from the 3rd floor of a factory facility in the Masok Sungsaeng Plant Complex on April 16th. He broke two legs and backbones. According to the employers who witnessed the scene, "Immigration officers cracked down on undocumented workers without informing their access to the factory in advance and without showing their ID cards to the employer."

<Case 2> 
A Vietnam worker, Mr. P was caught by the police because he was riding a motor cycle without a helmet in Daegu on May 15th. At the moment, he got folded his ankle and so his ankle cord stretched and swollen seriously; however, he was held in the police custody and was about to be sent to the immigration office. And yet, he was luckily able to go to the hospital for proper treatment with the help of the human-rights supporters who made a protest against the inhuman crack-down in front of Daegu Immigration Office. 

<Case 3>
A vietnam migrant worker, Mr. N was caught by the immigration officer in Anam-dong, Seoul on June 5th. He was living with his wife who was expecting a baby soon. There would be no one beside her since he was caught. He appealed to let him free until his wife gives a birth to a baby, but Seoul Immigration office kept refusing his requests. Finally, the husband had to be deported leaving his pregnant wife alone in Korea.   

<Case 4>
The Daegu police walked away a Chinese migrant woman worker, Ms. Park by 112 report on June 13th. Ms. Park was being injured by industrial disaster. Thus, Daegu human rights supporters made a protest to the police, but she was forced to be held in the police custody. They confirmed that she was being in treatment of industrial disaster and had a 3-week medical certificate, but the police sent her to the immigration office. The immigration office kept asking her to have a recognition document of industrial disaster and she had to be in a foreign shelter for 3 days until they let her free.

<Case 5>
A Bangladeshi, Mr. S was caught by the Ueijungbu Immigration office in February, but he got a temporal free permission because he was the only guardian for his pregnant wife. His wife was expecting twins and was diagnosed as "high risk". However, the Ueijungbu Immigration Office forced him to leave the country and visited their house without notice and investigated the couple often. Because of the extreme fear of her husband's deportation, she finally miscarried her twins in 3 days after the immigration officers visited their house.   

Revised Bill of Immigration Law--in a Previous Notice of Legislation

As we have seen in many cases above, the immigration office has broken into the house without a notice, held people in custody without a warrant, and deported undocumented workers with force. It shows that immigration offices have done lots of inhuman and unlawful crack-downs so far.  Even in the dangerous circumstances, the Ministry of Justice is working on the revised bill of immigration law which enables immigration offices to crack down on migrant workers without a warrant and to break into the house under the protection of law. Along with it, the Ministry of Justice announce that they will require fingerprinting of foreigners, will increase immigration officers to crack down, will intensify their investigation rights, and will have  intensified crack-downs two times in a year.       
On the other hand, the Ministry of Labor is also about to change the policy called "Save first, Report later for undocumented workers. It means that their change will might cause more human rights and labor right violations of migrant workers in the near future.